Welcome to the Trading-House Runkel For more than 30 years now, the Handels-Haus Runkel has been engaged in the refinement of vegetable oil. We were one of the pioneers when the first run on organic oil began in 1998. We were the first to prepare bio-oil in such a way that in a bio-oil "mineral-oil mix" any normal diesel engine can drive with it. The hype ended with the manslaughter argument - "Plate or Tank" Then the high-flying of E-Mobility began. Completely undifferentiated, only the advantages of E-Mobility are praised, although the major disadvantages, such as Environmental Destruction,  Child-Labour and much more, are sufficiently known. This gross misjudgement puts entire Industries and Thousands of Jobs at Risk Environmentally friendly e-mobility is a myth! Thanks to our Decades of Research, we can now offer RE-FUEl an Alternative that meets all Requirements. RE-FUEl can be used in any diesel engine RE-FUEl conversions or retrofits on diesel engines are not necessary RE-FUEl can be used without restrictions like mineral diesel oil RE-FUEl is a pure natural product RE-FUEl is CO2 neutral in the entire process chain RE-FUEl is preferably produced in mixed grain cultivation. That means on the current grain-areas under cultivation,                          the oil plants are cultivated at the same time. RE-FUEl mixed grain cultivation means that by growing oil plants in parallel, more food are produced and at the                        same time vegetable oil. RE-FUEl means CO2 free driving plus additional higher food production! RE-FUEl can, only in Germany, be grown on 2 million hectares of wheat fields in parallel. This would produce approx. 1 billion litres, which would allow 1.5 million vehicles to drive for 1 year, CO2 neutral. The production of 1 billion liters of RE-FUEl would produce about 15 million tons of flour for high-quality food in addition to the normal wheat yield. RE-FUEl can be used in all combustion processes - vehicles, ships, aircraft and Heaters RE-FUEl is an absolute "Game-Changer"
Jürgen Runkel
This is the real Price  for E-Mobility